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Small changes and tweaks can lead to wonderful new feelings in your snowboarding. Especially, when it comes to your snowboard setup. To find the best position for your body type and riding style, it can help to play around with your snowboard setup.

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The snowboard equipment you choose can make or break your experience on the mountain. It's your connection to the snow! If your snowboard equipment is poorly sized, too old or worn down, it can dramatically affect your performance and comfort on snow. Snowboard equipment has evolved radically since the sport started in the 1960s due to continuous improvements in technology for cushioning, comfort, response, support and performance. A Guide To Snowboard Equipment If you are upgrading or buying snowboard equipment for the first time, consider these points on your boards, boots and bindings. Snowboards Snowboard Type Freestyle boards tend to be shorter, lighter...

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The slopes can be a dangerous place. Common sense and simple guidelines can help to keep you safe and give you the best experience on the mountain. Snowboard safety is often the last thing on people's minds when trying to enjoy their day on the slopes or charging with friends. 

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