Hydrate With Water To Optimise Your Snowboarding

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Hydrate With Water To Optimise Your Snowboarding

Water is the essence of life. The human body is composed of about 65% water, so It is no surprise that it is essential to your well-being and snowboard performance. Water assists with every function and system in the body, from your skin to cells, muscles, and bones. For snowboard optimisation It's crucial to hit the slopes fully hydrated, otherwise, performance and concentration can suffer. When focus goes accidents can happen!

Watch and Ride Tip: If you are dehydrated you might find leg burn will set in a lot quicker! Drink 2 glasses of water as soon as you wake up before you hit the slopes.

water, hydration, snowboarding, how to snowboard

Dehydration over a period of time can lead to a whole host of problems in the body. The digestive system becomes clogged, you will easily fatigue and experience kidney, bladder and skin problems. Due to the rise in popularity of sodas and sports drinks fewer numbers of people are drinking enough water daily.

How Much Water Should You Drink A Day

It can be easy to forget to drink water when charging lap after lap. If you are already feeling thirsty, it’s too late! This is a sign that the body is already badly dehydrated. Drink continuously throughout the day to keep your body in optimal shape. Have at least 1.5 liters per day. Some people even aim to drink over 2.5L.

An amazing way to kick start your day is by having a few glasses with a squeeze of lemon. It helps to balance out blood pressure, expel toxins and starts your digestive system. It is essential to keep hydrated all throughout the day, from morning till night! Numerous foods like celery and broccoli can help with your hydration mission.

water, hydration, snowboarding, how to snowboard

If you are thirsty throughout the day and especially after exercise, it's vital to hydrate. Pop, sports drinks and sugary tea drinks simply will not hydrate you and quench your thirst like H2O does. The sugar and salt contained in those style of drinks actually dehydrate your body. These drinks contain such a high sugar content they can cause a blood sugar spike and resulting crash. This leaves you craving more sugar and still not efficiently hydrated.

Water is also your best friend if weight loss is what you're after! It aids our digestive system and speeds up metabolism. It can make feel fuller quicker if drinking it with a meal. Have a delicious coffee and swig of H2O before you hit the slopes, to get energized and hydrated. Evolve your body and riding, let it flourish with water!

Check Out This Water Infographic On Dehydration:

water, hydration, snowboarding, how to snowboard

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