Snowboard From First Chair To Last With The Right Fuel

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Snowboard From First Chair To Last With The Right Fuel

After snowboarding it's crucial to re-fuel and regenerate your body so that it's fresh for the next day. Especially those legs muscles to stop them burning and aching! A lack of essential nutrients and poor food choices can leave your legs feeling heavy and lethargic when snowboarding for multiple days.

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Gain strength and have the energy to snowboard all day long by consuming delicious and healthy fuel. With the optimal levels of minerals, vitamins, fats and protein your body will feel unstoppable, delivering you a confidence boost on the slopes. Open up a whole new world of tricks and terrain, as well as being able to ride stronger, longer and faster.

Snowboarding is physically demanding. The body burns a tremendous amount of energy as you concentrate, try to stay warm, fall down, get up and constantly move on top of the board. To maintain and improve on-snow performance, the body needs to be in optimal shape. The foods below have a wealth of properties that help to maintain healthy muscles and an endless energy supply in the body. muscle, snowboard education, snowboard fuel, online virtual snowboard school

Consuming the correct fuel through an effective diet can be simple. It only takes small habit changes in your grocery shopping. It can also be much cheaper than using expensive protein powders. Cheaper supplements usually have a high sugar content and may even use harmful artificial sweeteners, so should be avoided.

Fuel For Snowboarding 

  1. Wild Salmon. Rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein. It is an amazing food for the health of your brain. Much more easily digested in the body than red meat. A must-have addition to any muscle building diet and for those looking to build lean muscle.
  1. Mixed Nuts. These are an unbelievable source of nutrients. Contain a wealth of mono and polyunsaturated fats, zinc, potassium, magnesium, protein, fibre and Vitamin E. Almonds, cashews hazelnuts, walnuts and peanut butter are amazing tasty options. Try to go all-natural and keep an eye out that they don’t have added sugars and salts.
  1. Green Tea. A natural diuretic and powerful antioxidant that helps to detox the body. Believed to encourage fat loss, improves circulation and balances blood sugar levels.
  1. Water. Drink lots of water to help flush your body of toxins and rid it of stored water. Stops dehydration and helps muscles to recover.
  1. Quinoa. Known to be one of the most potent superfoods in the world. It is high in protein and fibre while also being gluten-free and delicious. Try replacing potatoes, rice and pasta with quinoa to test the difference.
  1. Flax Seeds. Healthy source of omega-3, protein and fibre. Easily added to smoothies or salads.

Powerful And Clean Fuel = You Feeling Super Human 

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  1. Spinach. A powerful alkaline food that prevents bone and muscle loss/damage. Extremely rich nutrient profile: Selenium, zinc, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, Vitamin K/A/C/B2/B6/E, magnesium, folate, manganese, iron, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, and protein. You can never get enough spinach, it's easy to add to any meal or salad.
  1. Fish Oil. Helps to reduce body fat and boost testosterone levels. It's recommended to have around 800-900mg per day. Most people don’t get nearly this amount. It's simple to get from a fish oil pill or supplement. Amazing for lowering inflammation in joints and the skin. Aids in fat loss throughout the body.
  1. Red Meat. Be careful to check the source of your meat so you can be sure it has not been pumped full of growth hormones or antibiotics. If your meat is from a good source (eg, grass-fed beef), it is an awesome addition to any diet. Contains large amounts of protein and many crucial vitamins and minerals for building and repairing muscle; iron, Vitamin B12 and zinc.
  1. Broccoli. Large quantities of soluble fibre and has a low-calorie content. Helps to reduce cholesterol in the body. Also, a powerful antioxidant due to the wealth of vitamin C. Bolsters high levels of phytochemicals, calcium and vitamin K. This helps develop strong bones. Try some kale too!
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Upgrade Your Diet, Change Your Body, Improve Your Riding

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Vital monounsaturated fats (70%) that help prevent cancer and heart disease. Organic extra virgin has more useful polyphenols in it.
  1. Turkey. Lean protein and low in saturated fat. Try replacing red meat with turkey.
  1. Plain Yoghurt. Contains helpful bacteria that boost intestinal health and essential probiotics. Add some flax seeds and berries/fruit to your yoghurt for a healthy snack. Watch out for yoghurts with a high added sugar content.
  1. Oats. Lower cholesterol and have a low glycaemic index. Provide a significant source of energy and soluble fibre. Amazing to take after a hard workout or for a tasty breakfast.
  1. Tomatoes. High content of Lycopene which helps prevent cancer. Help to balance blood sugar levels which aids fat loss.
  1. Oranges. A powerful fruit that is packed with vitamin c and magnesium. They help to lower blood pressure and contain a number of antioxidants as well as beta-carotenes.
  1. Apples. Extremely rich source of strong antioxidants. Watch out for pesticides that might have contaminated the apples you’re about to eat. Always make sure you wash your fruit and try to go organic when you can.
  1. Carrots. Massive levels of vitamin A and beta-carotene.
  1. Berries. Hold large quantities of antioxidants to help repair your body and flush it of toxins. They help to prevent heart diseases and cancer. Check out acai berries and their potent powers to help reinvigorate your body!
  1. Whole Eggs. Rich protein source: 7g of protein per egg. This makes eggs a cheap easily accessible source. Also contain vitamins A, D, E.

Fuel Your Body For Optimal Performance On Snow

If you are snowboarding and exercising regularly, adding in these foods to your diet will get impressive results. They are an awesome way to build muscle, restore energy and help maintain overall health. Having the correct diet is half the battle. Evolve your riding by loading up on nutrient-rich and high protein foods as fuel. Cutting out junk food and refined sugar will help the process. Dominate the mountains with your new-found strength and energy gains!

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