Joy-a-Toes | Heal + Free Your Feet After Snowboarding

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Joy-a-Toes | Heal + Free Your Feet After Snowboarding

Have you ever finished a day of snowboarding with tired, achy and swollen feet?... Oh yeh, me too! This season Joy-a-Toes toe separators have changed the snowboard game for me.

Joy-a-Toes will bring your feet to life after being stuffed into snowboard boots. These little gems are comfortable toe spreaders made of a gel material and are the future for healthy, happy feet. Your feet are the connection between you and the snowboard, so having pain-free feet is crucial to your snowboarding performance!

Free Your Feet With Joy-a-Toes Toe Separators For Better Snowboarding

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Especially at the start of the season when you have been barefooted or wearing soft trainers all summer, your feet can be in shock getting back into snowboard boots. 

Common Pain + Discomfort In The Feet When Snowboarding:

  • Toe bang (toes hitting the end of the boot)
  • Cramp in the arch or ball of the foot
  • Tight and tender plantar fascia (thick band of tissue that runs along the entire sole of your foot)
  • Heel pain from impact and heavy landings

Rejuvenate Your Hardworking Snowboard Feet 

Popping in a pair of Joy-a-Toes toe spreaders after taking off snowboard boots feels like you are in heaven. When you first wear them it can feel a little funky or uncomfortable, however, after a small adjustment period, you will soon get the hang of them. Many studies reveal a lot of neck, back and knee pain actually starts in the feet. Sometimes, when using Joy-a-Toes toe spreaders, you can feel discomfort in other areas of your body as they work their magic on your feet and help to heal ailments elsewhere. 

After snowboarding Joy-a-Toes help to:

  • Realign the bones and heal soft tissue in your feet for optimal foot posture
  • Stimulate blood flow and circulation
  • Boost strength and flexibility
  • Open and soften the feet
  • Relax and soothe your painful, tired feet

How To Use Your Joy-a-Toes Throughout The Snowboard Season:

  • Wear them for 5 to 20 minutes daily
  • Try for 3 times a day - Before you snowboard, when you get off the slopes, before bedtime
  • Use during a yoga practice, while cooking dinner, chilling with friends or watching Netflix

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Your Feet Are The Connection Between You and The Snowboard

Joy-a-Toes toe spreaders and snowboarding are a match made in heaven. Your feet can take a lot of punishment constantly engaging and working throughout the day on your board. Healthy and happy feet will mean you can snowboard long and hard all day on the slopes. Free your feet and let them relax and heal after riding the mountain with the weird and wonderful Joy-a-Toes. Pick up a pair of them today from the newly launched Watch & Ride store!

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