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Get Fit. Feel Great. Have More Fun Snowboarding. 

Snowboard Fit is a free online course designed to boost your balance, strength, and endurance for snowboarding! 

Benefits of getting Snowboard Fit:

  • Prepare for the Mountain

If you’re looking to maintain or build up your body for the snowboard season, the right mix of mobility, body awareness, strength, and endurance training will get you ready.

  • Make Better Progress

If you train in the right ways outside of snowboarding, your body will be prepared to adapt and thrive when you're strapped in. You will be able to stay safe and improve technique easily and quickly.

  • Prevent Injury + Recover Faster

Having a strong, mobile body with plenty of endurance means that you will tolerate snowboarding sessions more easily, resulting in faster recovery and more time on the mountain!

Unlock Your Snowboard Potential

+ The exercises have been carefully selected to have tremendous carryover to the sport of snowboarding.

+ Increase and improve body awareness, control, mobility, joint health, strength, power, endurance, and overall resilience.

+ This is a minimal approach to training that is likely to have a massive positive impact on your snowboarding.

+ The snowboard workouts are easy-to-follow, bodyweight focused and requires minimal equipment.

Be A Complete Snowboarder

+ Snowboard Fit has 5 modules: Mobility, Balance and Coordination, Strength and Power, Endurance, and Workouts.

+ The first four represent components of physical fitness we want to develop for snowboarding. Inside each module you will find movements that will be used in the workouts, as well as tutorials for them.

+ The snowboard workout module is where you will find example workouts that will prepare you for snowboarding and make you a much better rider.

+ We are training movements, not just muscles.

Whats in the Online Snowboard Fit course?

  • 45+ Videos

Snowboard Fit is laid out in a structured format, supplying you with all the ideas to create your own warm-ups and workouts. These videos are designed to be easy to follow and provide the number of sets and reps required.

  • Movement Tutorials & Workouts

Each exercise tutorial tells you why it is useful to snowboarding and shows you how to do it. There is at least 3 key technique points as well as ways to make it easier/harder.

  • Get Creative

As you get comfortable with training and body awareness, you can begin to branch out. We arm you with the tools to create your own workouts and warm-ups.

Gain the body confidence and control to master the mountain